Newborn Bamboo Lover

Newborn Bamboo Lover

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One for the bamboo lovers! Cloth diapering your newborn can feel tricky at first, especially if you’re new to cloth diapering - this kit is great for first time cloth users and newborns.

The bundle includes 15 super silky soft bamboo terry inserts (each insert is made up of 4 layers of bamboo terry). Use the bamboo inserts with your 5-layer hemp cotton inserts to boost absorbency for any age baby, or use separately inside or outside the nappy pocket right next to your newborn’s delicate skin. This can help reduce cleaning as you can wipe down and reuse nappy covers after soiling. 

A great top-up bundle for boosting any cloth nappies you might already be using!

What’s included:

x8 Recycled Pocket Nappies

x8 5-layer Hemp Cotton Inserts

x3 (5-Pack) Newborn/Booster Inserts

x4 Bamboo Nappy Liner Roll (100 sheets per roll)

Visit the listings for each product above for more details about the features of each item. Check out our Care Guides page and video tutorials to learn more about how easy it is to manage cloth diapering!


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WHAT WOULD YOU CHOOSE? A $155 Reusable Cloth Nappy Kit that you can use again and again, or spending anywhere between $640 - $1,150 for single-use disposable nappies?


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