Cloth Nappy Hero Bundle

Cloth Nappy Hero Bundle

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You are on your way to becoming a full-time cloth nappy Hero! Our Hero bundle will allow you to cloth diaper your baby all day-long. Depending on your baby and how often they need to be changed, this bundle will help you to make the switch to cloth nappies full-time. 

Say bye-bye to disposables and start saving more money for you and your family!

What’s included?

x12 Recycled Pocket Nappies

x12 5-layer Hemp Cotton Inserts

x1 (5-pack) 5-layer Hemp Cotton Inserts

x1 (2-Pack) Stay-Dry Multi Inserts

x1 (5-Pack) Newborn/Booster Inserts

x4 Bamboo Nappy Liner Rolls (100 sheets per roll)

Visit the listings for each product above for more details about the features of each item. Check out our Care Guides page and video tutorials to learn more about how easy it is to manage cloth diapering!


  1. Add the Cloth Nappy Hero Bundle to your Cart
  2. Browse our Recycled Pocket Nappies Collection and place the 12 patterns of your choice into your Cart.
  3. When you arrive at the Checkout page, enter the Cloth Nappy Hero Bundle code given below and the discount will be applied! 

Enter this code: clothhero2022

WHAT WOULD YOU CHOOSE? A $200 Reusable Cloth Nappy Kit that you can use again and again, or spending anywhere between $900 - $1,700 for single-use disposable nappies?


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