Bamboo Nappy Liners (400 sheets)

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FEATURES: Our nappy liners are 100% made of plant fibres (100% Bamboo), gentle against baby's skin, fully biodegradable and plastic free! Nappy liners stop solids, whilst still allowing moisture to pass through and be absorbed by the cloth nappy.

PERFECT FOR: Parents who don't want to handle too much mess (!). Using liners cause less soiling/staining of your cloth nappies, which means less cleaning for parents!

1 roll contains 100 sheets. 18cm x 30cm (per sheet)

HOW TO USE: Tear off sheet along perforated edge and place directly on nappy (touching baby’s skin). When it's time to change baby, lift out the nappy liner from inside the nappy, remove any solids into the toilet and then simply throw into the trash.

DO NOT FLUSH LINERS INTO TOILET. Flushing nappy liners can cause blockages in sewage systems. Liners will take around 3 - 6 months to decompose depending on environmental conditions.

OEKO-TEX 100 certified. Designed in Cambodia. Made in China.