10-pack Cloth Wipes

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FEATURES: Bamboo & Organic Cotton (+10% polyester for durability). Contains 10 wipes, each 17cm x 17cm (expect shrinkage of natural fibres after washing).

Super silky soft double sided terry perfect for faces and cute bums!

  • Looped fabric created ‘grip’ when wiping baby (meaning they are more effective at grabbing mess than single-use wipes 
  • Handy size easy to pack when you're out and about and perfect size for babies and toddlers. 
  • Toddlers/children can easily use these themselves!


  • Nappy changing
  • Bathtime
  • Face / Hands 
  • Runny noses (super soft on baby’s little nose!)
  • Meal times & any other food related mess!
  • Wiping down surfaces or toys


  1. Find a a tupperware
  2. Create your wipe solution (keep it simple - coconut oil, essential oil + water!)
  3. Add it/spray it to your box
  4. Throw dirty used ones into wetbag / rinse and store for laundry with your cloth diapers
  5. Drying under the sun (not for too long) will help to kill bacteria and remove any harsh stains. 

CARE GUIDE: Machine or hand wash with cold or hot wash (max. 35). Tumble dry low or air/sun dry thoroughly. Use natural / gentle detergents only. 

OEKO-TEX 100 & GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified. Handmade in Cambodia by our local production team. 


Our local production team is made up of a small group of mothers who are gradually improving their sewing skills and working towards building regular income to support basic living costs such as proper housing.   

Along with a piece rate wage 4 times higher than the standard set by the ILO - 50% of profits from our handmade collection go back to the team to help improve their sewing skills and better support their families. 

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