KAMENG SABAI is a Cambodia based social enterprise. We offer beautiful cloth diapering products with community and family at the heart of everything we do.

Paying homage to the country where our story began, "Kameng Sabai" (pronounced "khmeng saa-bai"), means "Happy Young One" in Khmer.

Our NEW Recycled Pocket Nappies (outers) are made from 100% recycled polyester yarn (certified rPET fabric), which means at least 2 post consumer waste plastic bottles have been saved from landfills for every diaper you buy from us! Our Recycled Collection is responsibly made in China with our partners based in Hubei. 


Making the switch to reusable diapers can make a huge difference in the reduction of pollution building up in our ecosystems and landfills as a result of single-use products. We facilitate and host community based workshops that aim to help people make greener and healthier choices about how they care for their family and the planet! 

We also support the work of NGOs like Heartprint, in Siem Reap, Cambodia, through our Diaper Donation programme for local young mothers. 


Our Love from Cambodia Collection has been a real labour of love. We launched our local production during the worst of the lockdowns but we didn't let that stop us! Our sewing team lost a huge part of their income as a result of the pandemic and were already struggling to meet basic living costs even before.

The production team live in an informal settlement located in Phsar Krolanh, Siem Reap, Cambodia. The women are dreaming of owning their own homes one day.

PURCHASE WITH PURPOSE 50% of the proceeds from this collection go straight back into the community that made them to help support their families and improve their sewing skills.


Our Artists’ Series will showcase unique stunning prints designed by artists in support of local projects. For every purchase from this special collection, we will donate 100% of the profits to a local community of the artists' choice.